Saltwater Sky is a rising country band from the PNW and Wyoming. Formed in 2019, they've been making waves on the music scene with their small town story telling, and lively atmosphere. 

With their soulful, unapologetic, and charismatic sound, they lean on the bluesy rock influences of their musical upbringings. Favorite bands include: Creedence Clearwater Revival, AC/DC, Clapton, The Brothers Osborne, LYNYRD SYNRD, Tyler Childers, Blackberry Smoke, Johnny Cash, and Eric Church to name a few. Painting colors with their melody driven vocals, and a blazing fiddle that battles equally for the front, Saltwater Sky brings a unique country sound with honesty and enthusiasm. 

Scott Heuston, the band's lead singer, fell in love with songwriting in college. To date, he has written over 400 songs and is a published poet. Believing that lyrics and a strong message are essential to their sound, country music is a proven runway for the opportunity to tell a story "our way." 

On fiddle, Erica Flom brings her Wyoming experience as a national fiddle champion. “Erica’s counter melodies tell their own story with a voice unique to her incredible talent,” says Heuston. “She’s lighting in a bottle… and I’m proud to be writing music with her.”

The band's lineup includes Scott (Vocals/Acoustic/Banjo), Erica (Fiddle/Sax/Vocals), Dave (Lead Guitar), Eric (Bass), Glenn (Drums), and Mark (Keys). 

Saltwater Sky's current single, "Stumbling Home," is a powerful and emotional song that centers around the theme of self-reconciliation. The lyrics dive deep into the complexities of love... and the risks that come with opening oneself up to the possibility of heartbreak. "Despite the potential for pain," Heuston says, "the song encourages honesty and the willingness to love hard… even if it means accepting the inevitability of being left and experiencing heartbreak." 

In 2022, Saltwater Sky dropped their debut country album that's been turning heads. You by My Side is a nine-track album, featuring songs like “Crazy Woman,” and  “The Other Side of Nowhere,” which was also released as a single. 

Thankful for a growing fanbase, Saltwater Sky remains focused on connecting with their audience. "We want our music to represent the stories of our fans," Scott emphasized. "Everyone has a song inside waiting to be told. I want to hear them all... meet them all.. and write about them all."

“This band believes in the power of spreading light... If you listen close enough, you can find song in every person you meet. Taking that risk to create a relationship is hard... but being bold enough to connect through music... That's why we exist.”

Be ready to laugh, dance, sing along, and feel connected with this band in a night filled with colors and sound.